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Welcome  to Hey Dads!

Time Flies!  Make Every Moment Count!

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FREE! First 4 Chapters of "Danger in the Jungle":

Thank-you! We'll let you know when the book launches!

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Dads! You've got what it takes...and your wife and kids need you!

My name is Jason Weening.  (which you might have already figured out)


I'm just a normal dad, like you.  I've got a job, one cute wife, some kids and a tractor.


I've been married to my first wife 😊 , Alli, for over 19 years - thus I am the proud father of ten energy-filled children.   Hey, I believe WE ( husbands and fathers) were created to be INTENTIONAL about leading (and loving) our families. 


I challenge you to do just that.   We've got to!  Culture and society want to crush our families.  Divide us.  Conquer us.  We can't let it happen!   Serve your wife!  Love your kids! 


This site is to give you the tools you need to live with INTENTION at home.  FOUR things that could help you:



1. My PODCAST to Help Men Thrive at Home and Work

2. FICTION BOOKS FOR BOYS - Riders of the Lost Reptiles Book 1 to release in 2024!

3. BLOG - short thoughts on dadhood and leading with intention


Time flies.  Make every moment count.


Dad, you've got what it takes!


Strength and courage,


Check back soon
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