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Who did you eat dinner with last night?

Co-workers? The boys? Nobody, just alone as you sped out of the drive-thru? 

I scarfed down a quick meal at the kitchen table before heading out with my son, Sterling. He ate in the passenger seat as we were driving. 

How often do you sit down with your family to eat around the supper table?

Eating around the table is a HUGE priority for our family. We do it nearly every day of the week. 

Sure, there’s an occasional evening when I’m out or one of our nine kids has something going on.

Growing up did you sit around the table for family meals? We did almost every night and although I didn’t realize it at the time, looking back I can see how important it was. 

Guess what one of the most important “positive interventions” leading to decreased teen drug and alcohol use is?

Yep. Eating supper together.

Dr. Leonard Sax, in his book, “Why Gender Matters”, explains three reasons why there’s so much value in parents investing that time with their children. He explains, “parents who insist on eating supper together with their kids are more likely to be parents who know what their kids are doing.”

He mentions a few other reasons too. There’s less opportunity for your kids to be somewhere else. It may increase communication during the day as you plan for dinner. 

I’m sitting at our kitchen table as I write this now. It’s late and it’s quiet.

During any meal time it’s loud and it’s sometimes chaos. I figure we average about one cup spill per meal in our family of eleven. What’s your average?

Dad, time flies and we’ve got to make every moment count.

In 5, 10, or 20 years your kitchen table will probably be a lot calmer and quieter than it is now.  

Grab those meal moments around the table.  

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1 Comment

Timothy Fosteman
Timothy Fosteman
May 16

Cracked a laugh out o' me when i saw the photo on the post. Chicha in the bowl ?

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